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yaya is so cute :]

sister and yaya in taiwan

sister and yaya in taiwan

grandparents and yaya at memorial park

grandparents and yaya at memorial park

cuteness that is my baby cousin

1. apparently, it’s easier to make my baby cousin eat if she’s watching her tv shows (think chinese sesame street). so they pop in the dvd, and she’s instantly transfixed. haha even as they’re pulling out the dvd player, her eyes are already following it. she watches her show, and her mom feeds her. and if the dvd starts to skip, she’ll tell the girl that someone’s hiding because she’s not eating or chewing. she can have the same food in her mouth for 30 minutes without chewing, just watching.

2. my cousin singing along to the episode and her dancing along to his singing. (he also drew spongebob during lunch and sang her the theme song). when she talks it’s usally quiet, xiexie. and when asked to repeat, it becomes a yell, XIEXIE.

3. as soon as the eating segment comes on, she wants to eat herself. she takes the spoon, and eats a heeaaping spoonful of food. eats until the segment is over. so my cousins go back to the beginning of the segment and tell her that jiejie (the girl in the video) is waiting for her to finish chewing. chewchewchew.

4. as the show finishes, there’s a goodbye dance (just like barney haha) and she starts dancing along to it, waving her arms, bopping up and down. at the very end the characters on the show wave baibai, and she waves baibai.

5. haha the next video is all about christmas and xmas jingles. of course the beginning of it is about waiting for santa to come on xmas eve, so she keeps asking, santa zai nali? when he shows up, santa lai le!

6. when she’s full, she’s also done watching. kan wan le, and climbs down from her chair.

7. my mom and i take her to my room to pick out some stuffed animals to play with. who is this? who? pooh!

8. jumping up and down on the bed because pooh is too

9. we have a pretty big recliner massaging chair, which comes with a foot rest. it’s almost as tall as she is. she starts climbing on to the chair and slides down the foot rest like it’s a slide. haha she asks my cousin if he wants to slide too, but he declines (he says because his butt is too big).

10. my mom and i connect arms so that she can sit on it. we bounce her up and down and she starts giggling.

11. she didn’t want to talk to her dad, until her mom threatened to withhold candy. instantly it’s hi babi, we xiang ni, i love youu (will you forget me?) bu hui!

12. mami gan she me, she kept asking. my cousin’s sick, so finally she said that she had a runny nose. oh, and she went to sleep. she doesn’t like it when other people cry. last night at dinner, my mom pretended to cry, and she gave my mom a toy. then my grandma pretended to cry, and she was just like, oh shit, what do i do now?

13. she was posing with her uncle’s hat. there was a cute pose, and a cool pose.

14. baobao clap. that’s how everyone knows that she wants to be picked up.and when my mom wants to hold her, mami baobao haole.

15. my mom is having a field day with the baby girl! she keeps talkin about my cousins going home, and leaving yaya behind. i’m sure she’s only half joking…

16. biaoyi, chichi, bu ke qi. she’s only being nice to me because i wasn’t immediately blinded by her cuteness XD

17. ganbei, paipai, i love you; yao zhao pooh. pooh chu lai le! and she waves pooh in the air to show everyone.

cute can’t begin to describe my first cousin, once removed. she keeps saying pao pao (bubbles in chinese), and asks people to draw them. so freaking adorable.

my parents are so in love with this kid. haha even though my mom has picked up on what happens when my cousin (the mom) leaves the room, she always gets soo excited when she’s playing with little kids like my niece. even my dad adores her :D

it’s odd seeing my cousin go into uncle mode, crazy to think of us as jojo and biaoyi. it feels like yesterday when we were hanging out, he was in high school, i was in middle school. i can’t believe he’s almost 27! haha the flaws of being asian, you look exactly the same as before you can order a drink. nor is he the cool uncle, who teaches you how to trick your parents. he’s definitely cracking down like his sister (who’s also tough love). so cute to see him with his niece. little things and you can tell that he’d be a great dad.