oh the glory of it all.

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cute can’t begin to describe my first cousin, once removed. she keeps saying pao pao (bubbles in chinese), and asks people to draw them. so freaking adorable.

my parents are so in love with this kid. haha even though my mom has picked up on what happens when my cousin (the mom) leaves the room, she always gets soo excited when she’s playing with little kids like my niece. even my dad adores her :D

it’s odd seeing my cousin go into uncle mode, crazy to think of us as jojo and biaoyi. it feels like yesterday when we were hanging out, he was in high school, i was in middle school. i can’t believe he’s almost 27! haha the flaws of being asian, you look exactly the same as before you can order a drink. nor is he the cool uncle, who teaches you how to trick your parents. he’s definitely cracking down like his sister (who’s also tough love). so cute to see him with his niece. little things and you can tell that he’d be a great dad.