oh the glory of it all.

my frustrations and ramblings on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

the trivial things.

my high school boyfriend, because we ended things amicably, remained my best friend afterwards but we have since drifted apart, which i guess is natural with time and high school friends. we see each other twice a year at the mini reunions he organizes for our group of friends. i think he feels that he’s outgrown his high school friends since he neglected to tell me and another really good high school friend of ours that he had proposed to his long term girlfriend.

i just found out that he has a facebook account, after years of adamantly saying he would never make one. what i find upsetting is not the fact that he didn’t tell us he made one but that he lied to us about not having one. however i guess i shouldn’t be surprised; i’m sure he’s lied to us about the little things before.